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Shingeki No Kyojin Spoilers & RAW Chapter 103

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Translation Credit: OrganicDinosaur General Credit: YonkouProductions

PAGE 2 : Chapter 103: Assault
PAGE 5 … ...What is this?
PAGE 6 Urgh!? !?
PAGE 7 …!! That’s...No way!? Kruger-san!? No… Kruger… How dare you…!! You deceived me… …!! ...But The residents of the building!? Deputy Chief Braun!! So at that time… You nobly sacrificed your body for me…!!
PAGE 8 Deputy Chief… I’m sorry. It’s my fault. He’s alive… But… Unconscious… With the power of the titans, the injured body should repair itself of its own accord. But that’s only if you have a strong will to live… This is… Please...kill me... No way...
PAGE 9 I just ...want to disappear… Deputy Chief… I’ll call for help. The ones outside are not just enemies. There’s me and Gabi and… Everyone else. Aren’t we your comrades...
PAGE 10 Incoming!! Evade it!!
PAGE 11 …!! Oi, wait up!! I won’t forgive that bastard!!
PAGE 12 We’ll guard the Warchief’s rear. Be conservative with the remaining bullets. Yes, Ma’am!! Ah….!!
PAGE 13 Overhead!! Panzer Unit!! Urgh!! The firing angle is…!! I can see them. I see their movements.
PAGE 14 Argh.
PAGE 15 Galliard!! That was dangerous… Thanks, Porco!! You saved me… Watch out!! Don’t lose sight of the Ackerman who’s in pursuit of us!! He’s lurking somewhere!! What do you mean… Porco!! The War-Hammer is…!!!
PAGE 18 It’s the same crystalline body as Annie’s… As expected, I won’t be able to make a dent by chewing...? However, you’re squandering your strength. With the little strength that I have left in this body as it is, I should penetrate through the nape… You don’t even have any trump-cards left. But I still do, you know.
PAGE 19 Damn it… That bastard is still… He’s not even conserving his strength? Even if we kill that guy… He’s the ‘Founding’ Titan… What are you scared of, Porco? ...Ah!?
PAGE 20 There is no need for us to be in a hurry. For now, we are the ones who are in control of the battlefield. We’ve been cornering the enemies from the start. By this time, the Marley army has secured the perimeter of the residential district. There’s no path of retreat for the enemies. From the start, the forces from Paradis Island cannot match the strength of those of us from Marley in war. If only we could seize the ‘Founding’ Titan. Weren’t we told that they’d lose the trump-card of the ‘Terrain Rumbling’!? And now that trump-card is right in front of our eyes!? Isn’t that why have to advance each piece of our formation with caution!?
PAGE 21 Anyway, as for us… We only need to defend the Warchief from the Ackerman. As expected of Pieck-chan. That’s exactly right.
PAGE 22 Wha…!? Woah!! Eren Yeager… Is not my enemy.
PAGE 23 Too bad that it’s you. Come out, Levi. Time’s running out, you know?
PAGE 24 Warchief Zeke Is amazing… As I thought, he’s overwhelming… Grice!? !? Captain Magath!? What are you doing!? Are you injured!? N-no.
PAGE 25 Then hurry up and get away from here!! But!! Deputy chief Braun is inside the plaza…!! He’s underground and in a state where he’s immobile. What do you mean!? It’s my fault… He shielded me!! Who did this!? Eren… Yeager...
PAGE 26 Hurry to the harbour!! Dispatch soldiers to the Liberio District!! The scene of the crime has taken catastrophic carnage!! Eh!? Oi!! It’s dangerous to be on that fishing boat!! Can’t you see this armada!?
PAGE 27 Oi…!?
PAGE 29 The battle...ship…?
PAGE 30 Don’t idle away!! You all need to escape from here!! Captain Magath… The… The naval port has been damaged…!! What can you do about it…. …!? Guh!!
PAGE 31 That can only be the ’Colossal Titan’!! It deprived Bertholdt… Of his life and his titan….!! You bastarddddd As I thought, there’s no way that they could have invaded this far without taking some measures!! Porco!? Just try it, you devils!! If they lose the ‘Founding’ Titan, everything will have been in vain!!
PAGE 32 Another one of those… Ackerman!? Get out of my way!!
PAGE 33 It’s almost ‘time’ already!! Neutralize the machine guns of the ‘Cartman’ Titan by whatever means necessary from now on!! Yes, sir!! Warchief!! The enemy’s composite offense is approaching!!
PAGE 38 Zeke-san!! Gabi, stay back!! What…!?
PAGE 39 ...Zeke? Pieck-san!! The enemy is approaching!! Urgh!! Hmph.
PAGE 40 !? Wha…!? What’s wrong!? Oi!? Karlo!?
PAGE 41 How dare you…!? This is payback for back then.
PAGE 42 Fire now!! Incessantly fire away!!
PAGE 43…
PAGE 44 Huh!!? Pieck!! Hurry up!! Deal the finishing blow!! Just… Please stop...
PAGE 45 Grice!? ..!? Don’t shoot!! Please stop!! SPLASH TEXT: There’s no stopping this chain of tragedies!? [To be continued in the May edition...]

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CH# 104
Shingeki No Kyojin Spoilers & RAW Chapter 103

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